Tips for hiring reliable moving company

So you are looking to hire a reliable moving company? No wonder. With so many moves that occur on a year-to-year basis, it is not surprising that there are a lot of options to choose from. It’s a simple fact of the current state of the market. Where there is demand there is high supply. So it’s not coincidental that there are several moving companies you can choose from. However, how to pick the best one? Or rather yet, how to pick the one that will not scam you? Well, choosing the right, reliable, moving company for you can be a bit tricky. But that’s why we are here. We hope that we can give you a few tips and tricks of the craft, so you too can learn how to recognize fake and trustworthy movers. And that you never have to worry about that ever again.

Reliable moving company
Finding a reliable moving company is a delicate matter that requires communication and trust.

Tips for hiring reliable moving company

As we have mentioned previously, there are plenty of moving companies and moving services to choose from. Picking the right one can, therefore, seem daunting. Like, trying to find a needle in a haystack. However, lucky for you, because of the pool of options to choose from, it’s much easier to find an unreliable moving company, since most of them use similar tactics. And that’s exactly what we want to present to you today. These little tips and tricks that will, hopefully, make the fake moving company stand out from the rest like a sore thumb.

Before you even start thinking about hiring a reliable moving company…

It is generally not smart to pick the first option available to you. What we mean by that is that we strongly advise against picking the first moving company and sticking with your guts. It’s generally a bad idea. What you want to do is to, if you have an interest in a moving company, get some information about it. The best way to do this is to get references from your friends and family.

A close up of friends talking
Always ask for suggestions from your friends and family.

What if I don’t have such a recommendation?

If however, they cannot present you with a one, there is always an option of looking for references made by AMSA (American moving and storage association). If you want extra homework, you can always found about the phone numbers of the company’s most recent customers and give them a ring, and get first-hand experience of what it was like to hire those movers. Whatever you do, just make sure you don’t go out and hire a moving company on a whim. Make sure you do your research before that. Know what you are getting yourself into.

Go the full nine yards when talking about moving quotes with a reliable moving company

Another good tip we can give you is to go the full distance when negotiating with your movers about the moving quote. Ask everything. What does the moving quote comprise of? What does it cover? And what doesn’t it cover? Are there any hidden costs that are going to pop up during the move? This is quite important. You see, moving companies try to beat the market by giving dirt cheap moving quotes. With the sole purpose of hooking you into hiring them. However, when you do hire them, you will be all over your head. Because then they start billing you the hidden costs.  So to avoid all of that, we recommend that you do an in-depth search of what the moving quote consists of.

a picture of two question marks
The best way to find out if a company is fraudulent or not is by asking questions.

Moving inventory

Another good sign that a moving company is reliable is their willingness to help you, to go the extra mile. This is best encaptured by a thing moving companies do nowadays called the moving inventory list. What we mean by this is that they, when you hire them, go to your home and start measuring things that need to be moved. Since moving quotes are usually determined by the weight of the items being relocated. So you can get a very accurate on-the-spot evaluation of the moving cost.

While on the topic of moving quotes…

There is also one more thing we would like to mention. As we have mentioned previously a smart thing to do when moving is to only move the bare essentials. Since the moving quote is distributed by the amount of weight that is going to be relocated. That’s why you want to make sure you go over, with your mover, what you want to be transported. Only tell them the things you absolutely cannot live without. With regards to other items, such as a huge and bulky bed, and an enormous refrigerator, we recommend that you get rid of those. The mere size and weight of them do not make the trip worth it. Rather, consider selling them or maybe donating them to people who need them. Another good option is to hire some sort of storage facility where they will be waiting for you once you relocate.

Don’t pay with cash and don’t do it upfront.

Rare is that moving company that will ask you to pay upfront for the whole relocation. Okay, let’s rephrase that. No moving company will ask you to pay upfront and in cash for a move that has not yet occurred. The reasoning is simple, if you do decide to pay them with cash, you have no guarantee you will ever get your money back and that you will see your items again. However, if you believe a moving company won’t scam you, and you decide to pay upfront, make sure you pay with a credit card to protect yourself, as much as possible.

In conclusion – how to find a reliable moving company?

So to conclude, there are many moving companies out there today. Finding the perfect one for you can be a hard task, however, the most important part is that the moving company you choose is reliable. So that you do not have to worry about being scammed, and left with your items packed and ready to be moved on moving day, only to realize none is coming. The best way to find out if a moving company is fraudulent or not is to simply ask around. Ask your friends, your family or anyone in between. After you have set your sights on one moving company make sure you get in contact with them and start asking questions, in-depth about moving quotes. If they seem like they are upfront and willing to help, you can use those as indicia that they are a good moving company, that has your best interests in mind. However, don’t forget. Always triple-check. It’s your livelihood in question.