Moving with kids- simple guide

It might cross your mind that nothing is simple when it comes to moving with children. It does not necessarily have to be complicated, either. Moving with kids is a challenge, that adults take up only when absolutely necessary. This is where the organization kicks in. With our simple guide for moving with kids, you will know exactly what and when to do, instead of pondering about what you should do. One thing is certain, it is necessary to start organizing the move at least two months before the actual move. This leaves a lot of stress out of the equation. And of course, knowing that you have professional AceLine movers at your disposal, just makes everything a lot easier.

moving with kids does not have to be stressful. A mother, father and two toddlers on the bed
Moving with children will go a lot easier if you maintain great communication

Communication is essential when moving with kids

When you make a decision to move, let your kids know. Allow them time to cope with the situation, accept what is coming and say goodbye to their friends. They most probably will not be super excited about this at first, especially if they are teenagers. However, this is a much better solution than giving them last minute notice that you are moving. They would be shocked and would handle the situation much worse. If you want the moving with kids to smooth, always be there for them. Explain what will happen, how it will happen and what can they expect. Encourage them to ask you questions, and make sure you answer them in detail.

Keep the routine going

This is especially important for younger children. Just because you are moving it does not have to mean that you do not get to watch a cartoon on a Thursday evening anymore. Or reading bedside stories, having breakfast together, going to the park nearby. Of course, maybe a few things will suffer, but do your best not to disrupt a family routine while organizing the move. It will lessen the stress your children will feel due to the move. And, it will lessen the stress that you will feel because moving with kids tends to be more stressful for parents.

a kid building a tower out of legos
Packing your kids` favorite toys for the trip will keep them calm and less anxious

Pack their essentials bag

The essentials bag is an absolute must when you are moving to a new home with your children. This bag should contain their favorite things, such as toys, books, tablets even. In this way, whenever they get restless, you will be able to pull out their favorite blanket, for example, and calm them down. This bag is important for the trip that you are about to take, and also for the first 24 hours of your new life in a different home. Chances are that you will not know where the most important things are if you do not pack the essentials bag on time. This is great advice for moving with children.

Arrange for babysitting

Getting all the help that you need is very important when moving with kids. Ask your friends and family members to take care of the little ones while you are out doing errands. Moving demands a lot of tasks that cannot be done in a day, and you will be able to do each one of them without stressing about your children. Knowing that they are safe will allow you to finish everything on time. If your friends or family members are not able to babysit, go ahead and hire a babysitter for the most important dates. In this way, you will be faster and your children will be happier as well.

white moving vans
Hiring professional movers is the best decision you can make when moving with kids

Hire professional movers

Hiring professional movers has a lot of advantages when you are moving with kids. They offer all kinds of services that can make your transition much easier. If you do not want to pay for the full service, you can choose only the ones that you need the most.

Here is a list of moving services that you can get:

  • Packing your entire household
  • Loading and unloading the moving van
  • Moving your items
  • Storing your belongings for as long as you need it
  • Unpacking and disposal of packing material and much more.

Professional movers will save you time as they are fast, efficient and experienced. You will not have to risk any injuries and the job will be done on time.

Plan the moving trip

When you are about to move, you should think about how long will the moving trip last. If it is more than a few hours long, it is vital to plan it. Otherwise, your children will become anxious. Bring some of their favorite music, cartoons and movies that they can play on a tablet along. Buy some new toys and surprise them on a moving day. If you will pass by some interesting sceneries on your way to your new home, make sure to take a break and visit them. Even if you make a detour, your children will be in for an adventure.

Let them say goodbye

If your kids ask you for a sleepover at their friends, allow them. If they want to see the house for one last time, although it is empty now, allow them. It will help them get closure, and say a proper goodbye. Moving with kids is stressful, but they will feel much better once they get the chance to see everything and everyone one last time. Also, have dinner or breakfast at your favorite restaurant and remember that you are in for a new adventure. Life is all about the change, and our ability to accept this pretty much determines how happy we are. So, make sure you are in a good mood when moving with kids. They will notice this and will be thankful to you. Good luck!